Solar Consulting Services

Texas Solar Outfitters is your number one source for expert advice and collaboration on solar energy. Whatever kind of project you are launching, our team of experts can help.

New Home Construction: Custom-Home Builders, Architects, Real Estate Developers and Building Contractors

The best time to consult with a solar expert and plan for including solar energy systems in new home construction is before any plans are drawn – designing for solar from the outset results in a more attractive installation, higher energy production, and lower cost.

We work with custom-home builders and architects during the preliminary design process, helping identify the best solar solution for each client, lot and home style. We have extensive experience in site analysis, residential construction and building materials.

Texas Solar Outfitters also works closely with real estate developers and volume home builders to make solar available on all their homes. Customers are demanding it and builders are responding to that demand. Our solar experts work with you in the early stages of development to make sure that subdivisions are configured to maximize the effectiveness of solar, that homes are sited to take best advantage of the available sunlight, and that home designs readily accommodate solar PV systems.

During the design process, we consider a wide variety of factors: orientation of open South-facing roof surfaces, roof pitch, placement of vents and chimneys, location of electric service, to name a few. Then during construction planning, we consult with your project managers to integrate solar system installation into the overall construction process, eliminating costly re-work and reducing the potential for delays.

Whether you build six homes a year or a thousand, differentiate yourself by offering solar for all your homes. Texas Solar Outfitters will ensure that each system is configured to take full advantage of the site, the home design and the needs of the client. We understand that every situation is unique – building sites are not identical, clients have specific needs and aesthetic considerations, home designs and materials vary from project to project. We listen and consider all factors before making our recommendations. Then we are available to work with the construction team through the whole process.

Commercial and Industrial Constriction and Renovation – General Contractors, Roofing Companies, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

More and more, business and property owners see the economic and public relations advantages in “going green.” Commercial and industrial facilities nationwide are being built and renovated with energy efficiency and renewable energy in mind. Solar PV systems play a key role in all Green Building initiatives. Designing solar PV into new commercial construction and remodeling of existing facilities is the most cost-effective way to integrate renewable energy into your long-term business plans. You will enjoy both immediate savings on electricity expenses and create an effective hedge against rising electric rates. Building upgrades – roof replacement, HVAC upgrades, and other energy efficiency measures – are also a good time to consider adding solar energy to your long-term strategy. TSO understands the technical and economic issues surrounding solar PV for commercial property. We engage with building owners, engineers, architects and general contractors early in the project planning process, guiding all stakeholders to the best solar energy choices.

Put a solar energy expert on your team. Texas Solar Outfitters has the expertise and experience to help you make smart solar energy choices for all your projects. Let us show you how.

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