Overwhelming, the majority of solar energy systems in Texas are grid-tied solar… that’s actually true the world over. So what does grid-tied solar mean? Simply put, the electricity from the solar energy system is tied in to the buildings existing service panel, supplementing the energy supplied from your utility company.

While grid-tied solar systems use advanced technology, the principles behind how they work are simple. Solar panels convert light energy from the sun into power, which then flows to an inverter where the direct current (DC) power is converted to the alternating current (AC) used in the home. From there, the electricity flows to a breaker(s) in the electric service panel on your home (see system diagram below for more detail) – from which you then consume just as you do from your utility company.

Should your home require more electricity than what is being generated by the grid-tied solar, additional electricity is simply pulled from the local utility company’s power grid. On the flip side, excess electricity generated flows back into the grid – actually spinning your electric meter backwards. To make sure you’re earning the maximum benefit from your solar array, contact your electricity provider… Green Mountain Power is usually the best choice in Texas.

The grid-tied solar system is THE choice for homeowners looking to lower electric bills, hedge against future rate increases, and all the while lessening your impact on the environment. The main confusion surrounding grid-tied solar is the perception that the system will power the home in the event of an outage – unfortunately it does not, and when we explain why, it’ll make perfect sense.

Fortunately, Texas Solar Outfitters offers grid-tied solar systems with battery backup that resolves this issue. To learn more about our battery backup systems, click here.

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