PV System Service and Maintenance

A solar PV (photo voltaic) system is a size-able investment and obviously you want to get the most return possible form it. And even though solar systems are the most reliable, trouble-free power production equipment in use today, they, like any equipment exposed to the elements, need maintenance to ensure that production and return on investment are at the highest levels possible.

National system owners, NRG and SRE agree and have contracted with TSO for PV system maintenance.

If you own stand-alone PV systems, whether for business-critical power or for an off-the-grid home, you need those systems to do their job reliably 24/7, year after year. A TSO maintenance program gives you peace of mind that power will be there when you need it.

A TSO maintenance program includes:

  • Visual inspection to catch potential problems that can affect production
  • Inspect and tighten all mounting hardware
  • Measure system power output and take corrective action if production is lower than expected
  • Inspect all wiring and take corrective actions if problems are observed
  • Perform all manufacturer recommended battery inspection and service

The need for routine maintenance is especially important for systems with batteries. Batteries are expensive and without periodic expert maintenance, their lifespan can be significantly shortened. If you own PV systems with battery backup, whether for nightly use or for use during emergencies, those batteries must be in top condition. Let TSO maintain this critical system component and relax, knowing that your back-up system will work when you need it to.

Protect your solar investment. Texas Solar Outfitters has the expertise and experience to make sure that you enjoy safe, reliable solar power for many decades. Let us show you how.

For more information and to schedule an initial consultation, call 713-802-0223.

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