Solar Energy for Commercial Property

Solar electricity for your commercial, office, retail, or industrial property is one of the best investments you can make. A solar photo-voltaic system can:

  • Immediately lower your operating costs with lower electric bills
  • Provide locked-in electricity prices for decades – a great hedge against inflation
  • Build good will and positive public relations – setting your business apart as part of the Clean-Tech
  • Economy.

Texas Solar Outfitters provides turnkey design and installation for your commercial solar energy system.

  • We begin with a detailed needs and site analysis to ensure that your PV system provides maximum benefit to your unique situation.
  • Our thorough financial and environmental benefits analysis ensures the maximum benefit from all available programs and incentives.
  • We include a review and comparison of various financing options including capital purchase or bank loans, operating leases and power purchase agreements.
  • We use equipment from the world’s leading solar manufacturers and advanced CAD to produce permit-ready drawings for all structural and electrical system components: All drawings are stamped by a professional engineer.
  • Our true turnkey services include management of all federal, state and utility incentives, utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, and local building and electrical permits.
  • Our installation team specializes in professional project management – complete transparency so you know what to expect and when. We also provide comprehensive regulatory compliance including all post installation inspections.

Get the most from your solar energy initiative. Let Texas Solar Outfitters show you how to promote your solar system installation with launch events, public relations support and visibility within your industry and community.

PV systems costs have never been lower:

  • System prices continue to drop
  • 30% of total cost is offset by a Federal income tax credit
  • Accelerated depreciation can be used
  • State and utility company incentives can further reduce the total cost

Contact Texas Solar Outfitters to find out how your commercial business can benefit from solar energy. Call 713-802-0223 for more information.

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